Home Security and cameras

Top tips and ideas to ensure your home is secure enough

We can all take our own security measures in order to avoid being robbed. In this article we would like to enlist some of the best methods for you to make sure your home is secure enough without spending much money on it.

1.) Get a dummy camera

You don’t need all sorts of complicated an expensive alarm and CCTV systems to feel really secure ( unless you have something really valuable in your home) you can still easily get a dummy camera which looks like the real deal and can easily deter burglars from breaking into your home. Dummy cameras are sold everywhere and you won’t need to pay all that much money.

2.) Get a dog

Of course only if you would like to get one anyways. Dogs, especially those who are good watch dogs are really successful in keeping burglars at bay, because dealing with dogs is always complicated. Therefore having a dog can really help in keeping your home safe from any sort of burglary.

3.) Try not to showboat

This means not to let everyone see your valuables. Burglars like to go to places where there is surely something for them and social media sites always act as a big help in this. Therefore try to keep your privacy and also do not advertise what you have at home, because someone may easily try to take that away from you in the future. Also, try to have a curtain for your windows, so that people cannot just look into your home.

4.) Invest in a few SmartLED

These smart lightbulbs can be operated also from the distance, all you need is a specific app and a password and you can turn your lights up and down with its help. This means a lot especially when it comes to you being away for a longer time. People like to think someone is at home, when the lights are on, so it’s good to give this impression.

5.) Use figures or mannequin to keep burglars at bay

It’s a little bit extravagant but if you have watched or read the old Sherlock Holmes stories you may know how big an effect a figure in the window can have. If someone sees them they will think someone is at home. Of course you don’t have to go out of your way to get a mannequin you can also cut a head out from any cardboard paper and place it somewhere visible. It all depends on what can or cannot be seen through your windows from the outside.

6.) Place home security system stickers everywhere visible

Burglars prefer not to risk therefore they would look for another home instead of wasting time with gambling. This actually works without getting a security system installed.

And last but not least, if you want a proper home security system in your home get in touch with an experienced Home Security Company. There are professional locksmith services who can help you with your locks and your home security all in one.