Securing your garage/shed/outbuildings

Types of locks to protect your shed and other outbuildings

When it comes to locks, we tend to quickly go out of line and instantly check for the most expensive solutions. However there is a large number of manual locks which can easily help us to provide the necessary security, especially when it comes to protecting our outbuildings. Let’s learn about some of these locks and their way of use for home security.


When it comes to finding the best and easiest solution to protect any door padlock can help you instantly. A padlock works with a simple cylinder or Yale lock mechanism and it’s by far one of the most secure locks people have invented. If you buy a padlock with a strong shackle then it would surely protect your door, because it’s very hard to break through. Of course a good padlock also needs a good and secure mechanism and strong enough hinges to be attached to in order to prove its worth. When It comes to closing garage doors, barn or shed doors, then padlocks are the Nr 1 solution. However, you will need a good locksmith who can check whether the door’s own quality would compromise the lock or not. This means, if the door is made out of wood, it’s old and it won’t be able to withstand any strong pushes, then it should first be fortified in order for the lock to work effectively. This is also one of the most common issues with the doors of outbuildings, especially those made out of wood.

There are tons of different sorts of padlocks on the market, from the mechanical to the ones which work with combination codes. Always check with your locksmith to see which exact padlock they suggest you to use.

Solution: make sure the doors of your shed or barn are strong enough first, then think about the exact type of lock to apply. Make sure you apply such a solution which cannot be easily cut through.

Slide-in locks

These types of locks are typically locks which are used from the inside. They have proven their worth for a very long time and their mechanism is one of the easiest in the world. The most important factor in the case of a slide-in lock is for it to be secured very strongly to the door on both ends, this way it can withstand any pushes, even the stronger ones. Slide in locks can be successfully applied on the inside of garage doors (where there is another exit, leading to the house) and the inside of any entrance doors in your home. It’s a very cheap yet effective solution to make sure no intruder gets in while you are away.

As in the case of padlocks, the actual state of your shed, barn or any outbuilding door has a large effect on the lock being effective enough. Slide in locks are also effective locks for windows.

Always check with a professional locksmith to see which lock would work the best for your doors depending on the frequency of use and the type of door to be used on.