Protecting your home while you are on holiday

Top 7 tips to protect your home while being on holiday

Going on holiday is a great thing most of us look forward to while working throughout the whole year. But in order to make this really the time of our lives we must make sure that our home is well protected from burglary. Here are our top 10 tips on protecting your home while you are on holiday.

1.) Make it look like you are at home

It does not necessarily mean to leave lights on but it definitely means that you should ask someone to collect the post for you for instance, because the many letters in post-boxes are tell-tale signs for burglars of someone not being at home for a longer amount of time. If it's deemed secure it's ok to leave a light on somewhere to make the house look less empty. There are switches which can even be timed to turn on and off to make it look like someone is at home.

2.) Try to beware telling too much on social media

People love to share their holiday photos on social media but beware because these holiday photos can be accessed by those who are happy to learn you won't be at home for a few weeks. Try to limit your holiday photo posting for the time you actually return from holidays.

3.) Ensure your locks are secure and that you use them all

Call a locksmith service, especially if you are away for more than 2 weeks' time to look through your home and tell you if all the locks are safe enough to withhold burglary attacks. The main locks to worry about include the entrance door, the backyard entrances (kitchen, French door any windows where someone can push themselves through. As per the statistics the biggest mistake everyone commits is to simply leaving a door or a window accidentally open. The best types of locks are the deadbolt locks

4.) Ask a friend, relative or neighbour to visit every couple of days

It's the best solution by far, as the house seems relatively occupied, your plants will not dry out and your post will also be collected. No matter if you ask this as a friendly favour or you pay for it this or that way, it's a must-do, especially if you are away for more than 2 weeks.

5.) Cancel deliveries for the period of time

Any deliveries which include the delivery person leaving something outside your home should be cancelled (or collected by the above said relative/friend).

6.) Don't leave any spare keys outside your home

This is a must-do for all time, but especially when you are on holidays. Don't forget that burglars know about the places people like to hide their spare keys.

7.) Have a light turned on somewhere

Even if it's a smaller light, as long as it can be seen from the outside it works in your favour. Today there are even programmable lights which turn on and off in a sequence.

Most burglaries happen when people are on holidays, make sure you are not the next one who is being robbed.